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Hellion has recently announced it’s first story element for update 0.2.0. But why talk about the story when we can discuss the most exciting feature to this patch. A space basketball mini game! Oh and there will be bug fixes as well.

Devblog #13

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first shall we. Patch 0.1.7 includes several bug fixes, but before we get to that, here’s a few important things players should note: all manually adjusted settings will be reset after installing patch 0.1.7. In addition to this, official servers have been wiped, so you will need to restart your game client. For those of you who own private servers, you will have to update your server and game client and delete the server files for the best results.

New Features and Improvements

  • The ship’s docking interface now displays the directional and lateral speed individually in the HUD. Players should have an easier time using these controls.
  • Adjustments have been made to the warp’s sound effect as the sound no longer loops and instead fades out. This should add more realism to the space environment.
  • The character holding animation for the AltCorp Rifle has undergone change and an undocking lever was added to the AltCorp Industrial ship’s grappling system. Players should find they have a better handling of the weapon in the game.
  • A new pickup/throwing interaction has been added to the EVA Jetpack. This should make exploring the environment outside your shuttle more fun and interactive.
  • The navigation map now zooms to parent then pans to the selected object — no longer zooming to object level.

Main Bug Fixes

  • The visible sun flare through planets has been fixed. Now you can fully admire the physical detail of all planets.
  • The FPS drops caused when multiple ships occupied the same location has been fixed. Players will no longer have to worry about other players having an easier time stealing their stuff.
  • The developers peeped out several bugs on the main menu and server list and corrected them. Isn’t it nice to see developers scouting for bugs instead of relying solely on players to point out every single one?
  • You can now manage your inventory after leaving the pilot seat. This is a must needed fix as players found issues with managing items in their inventory.

Devblog #14 – “Shooting Hoops in Space”!

Developers, Zero Gravity, believed it was a necessity to release a few game features alongside the story add on. Although some of you may feel like there is an overload with the cosmetic elements, the developers believe if cosmetic elements are well placed then they have the potential to tell a story.

Basketball of Hellion's new mini game feature
Hellion Space Jam

Now for the fun part! This update for Hellion will also introduce a new basketball mini game feature accurately titled, “Space Jam”. Gamers who are NBA fans will find themselves hooping and hollering. You may be wondering how this works — basketball in space. The developers want to bring players a captivating story that will urge them to explore the mysterious destruction of Hellion’s environment. The story will be told from the perspective of those present during the events. Players will find the past astronauts were not so different from their successors. Some were hard workers and some were more lax when it came to their duties.

For this, the developers needed a new environment for the story logs to be placed that wouldn’t seem unnatural. That’s where the ball and hoop come into play. The feature can be used at any of the locations within’ your ship or station. Something interesting about Space Jam’s origins is that Hellion developers were inspired after seeing a players’ video on YouTube.


SOURCEHellion Official
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