We Happy Few


The upcoming indie survival horror game We Happy Few was announced for a movie adaption. Developer and publisher Compulsion Games has partnered with Gold Circle Entertainment and DJ2 Entertainment for the production.

The Game

We Happy Few is set in a recreated version of 1960’s England. In Wellington Wells, the citizens are all consumers of a hallucinogenic drug called “Joy”. While it makes them seemingly happy, the drug allows them to be easily controlled. Playing as the main protagonist Arthur, you have decided to stop taking the drug and you must learn to conform as though you’re still as high as everyone else. Should you be found out and labeled a “Downer” the town will become hostile towards you.

Determined to uncover the secrets of how the town came to be the way it is you play as Arthur seeking a way out of the entrapment the town holds on everyone.

The Movie

The movie adaption was announced alongside a post on Compulsion Games’ Twitter that made it clear the making and release of the movie will not be a quick process.

“these things take years, you will see the game way before the movie comes out.”

As of right now, the film does not have a director. The producers are currently looking for writers to take on the project. The goal of the producers is to maintain the overall theme of the game while still offering surprises in the film and carrying over the dark humor aspect.

We Happy Few is currently available for Early Access on Steam, GOG, Humble Bumble, and Xbox One. The game will be released for PC and Xbox One, with Mac and Linux following soon after. The official release date is currently unknown.



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