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In a new producer’s letter, the team behind H1Z1: Just Survive has taken a position on the last update, its information policy and upcoming tasks. The errors are admitted, but the project is anything but abandoned.

Confession of mistakes

Two months ago, we updated Just Survive…and it wasn’t the prettiest update we’ve done in the game’s history.

The last update was characterized by minimal fixes and features that had simply been taken over by the Battle Royale brother. The weak communication with the community is to be strengthened via channels of Reddit and Discord.

The test servers should also be used more, in order to make less errors on the live version. The message of the Devblog is simple: We have listened to you and we have done something. The content of the live patch is more or less detailed.

lag was a major issue with the last update.  We’ve reduced it. Vehicle and base exploits were huge issues. We’ve addressed those. Loot balance was a little inconsistent before. We’ve tweaked that, too.

Lag, exploits and loot-balance were among the problems that are now to be dealt with. Exact details on the work of the last weeks can be found on the H1Z1-Subreddit.

To meet the loyalty of the community

The team is grateful to the community that is involved in this endeavor, and is keen to finally provide them with the appropriate performance and communication. Of course you will never be completely of an opinion and it will come to bugs, which is normal in an early access. They would like to deal with it honestly and openly in the future as well as constantly communicate over the mentioned channels. In the future Community outbreak streams with the Just Survive team should be expected.

Apparently the developers behind the scenes were diligent. So they will soon talk about what they planned for 2017. These are projects for which a core team has already been working for some time. Unfortunately, there is no information, but the team is optimistic.

Just Survive isn’t dead. Far from it. We’re just getting started.

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