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Conan Exiles – Everything about Thralls and their locations

In the barbarian MMO Conan Exiles, you can catch and use your own thralls during the game. We tell you which thralls exist and where to find them.
Conan Exiles Iron Ore

Conan Exiles – Where to Find Iron and Coal

Some resources in Conan Exiles are no walk in the park to get. We're here to help you find those sweet sought after items like iron and coal.

SCUM – Cheats, Admin, Server and Item Commands

We provide you with a list of all SCUM cheats, admin and console commands as well as all the item IDs for spawning weapons and other objects.

Subnautica – Beginners guide: How to survive the first hours

Since January it´s possible to crash onto an alien planet full of water in the survival game Subnautica. However, how do you exactly survive the first few hours? We help you out by talking about surviving, crafting, equipment and base building and which resources you all need for it.
Fade to Silence Gani

Fade to Silence – Character Spotlight #5: Survivor Gani

Our Fade to Silence Guide-series is about the characters that are unlockable as companions alongside the main protagonist Ash and his daughter Alice. This time we will look at how to get Gani the Survivor and why you want her to join your base!