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Why only play survival games on your pc or console if you can play them on the device you always have with you? Kefir, a mobile game studio, has the right games for you as after their survival game; Last Day on Earth: Survival their new Dark fantasy-survival game Grim Soul: Survival is currently in beta on the PlayStore.

A Dark World

In Grim Soul: Survival the land has been covered in darkness and fear and most of the inhabitants have been turned into wandering souls. Your job is to simply survive as long as you can by collecting resources, discovering the land and by building a base to keep yourself safe.

At the beginning of the game, you get thrown into this dangerous world with nothing to protect yourself. However, after walking around you will be able to loot a dead villager for some useful items. As many survival games out there, you will need to spend points to learn how to craft certain items. For example, if you want to collect wood or stone you first need to learn how to craft a pickaxe or axe before you can actually make one. Each tool has its own durability, so you need to make sure to always have enough recourses to replace a broken tool.

When walking around on your own property you can collect enough resources to build a small base. As well as some food to fill your thirst and hunger bar. Besides this, food is also used to regain health, if you don’t have any bandages yet.

Grim Soul: Survival
Expand your base and craft better gear at the special crafting tables

Build and scavenge

To have a place to retire to, you can build a base where you can place different types of furniture such as crafting tables and chests. With these crafting and gardening stations, you will to craft more specific items and food to help you survive. However, other players are able to raid your base when you are not there to protect it.

However, It wouldn’t be a mobile game if there wasn’t energy that needs to be recharged. In Grim Soul: Survival this appears when you want to travel around the world, by either seeking new dungeons, players basses or loot areas. Without energy, you can only walk which can take up to 20 minutes of waiting. In addition, to speed up this progress microtransactions have your back, if you are willing to do that. The music of the game and the dreadful screams of the wandering souls are fitting the theme of Grim Souls: Survival. Although it might be smart to mute the sound while playing in public, as it might scare people.

Grim Soul: Survival
Time to explore with your loyal horse.

As the game is still in beta, the developers are looking forward to any bug reports or feedback you have for them. In the meantime, it’s a game worth checking out when you only have your phone with you to pass the time.


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