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With the Green Hell expansion The Spirits of Amazonia, the developer Creepy Jar continues the story from the story mode. Part One of the new game mode will be released on January 28th. You can read here what awaits you there in detail.

What kind of Update is that? The Amazon survival game Green Hell was initially released with a sandbox version. The story mode followed in autumn 2019, in which you can tell the story of Dr. Jake Higgins, his wife Mia, and a global pandemic. Now, with The Spirits of Amazonia, that story continues.

What is special? The sequel doesn’t start at the end of the story, so it’s not a classic part 2. Rather, it’s about the part of the story in which Mia is seriously ill and Jake sets off for the jungle. He hopes for help from the Yabahuaca. This Aboriginal tribe has medical knowledge that Mia may be able to save.

Here you get into the story with Jake’s role. The Yabahuaca are known to be peaceful, but the Waraha tribe also lives in the same region of the Amazon. These bone warriors will attack you and put you out of action for now.

New PVE game mode: The Secrets of Amazonia is another new gameplay in addition to story and survival modes. You need to gain the trust of the aborigines so that they will help you with the medicine you are looking for. To do this, you have to complete quests for the Yabahuaca at various points in the region.

The developers apparently have so many ideas for more stories in the Amazon that they are now only releasing part 1 of 3 for The Spirits of Amazonia. At least two more episodes should follow.

What does the fun cost? All updates to the game are free for owners of the title. You paid for it when you originally purchased the game. At the start of The Spirits of Amazonia on January 28th, there will be a sale on Steam with a 30% discount on the original price.

What kind of content can you find in The Spirits of Amazonia?

Creepy Jar is still covered with further details. We were only able to play the first preview and deduce from it what you will probably find in the update next Thursday:

  • A new, large region: There are complex cave systems, tribal villages, stranded ships, and boats as well as a picturesque jungle ambiance.
  • A quest system: Jake must win the trust of the Yabahuaca. For this, he has to help them and complete various quests and tasks that are given to him.
  • Background information: You will get to know this region of the Amazon better. Which groups, coalitions, and stories can be discovered?
  • Rune stones: You will find labeled stones all over the map. Maybe Jake can use his translation skills here.
  • New mushrooms: Marasmius haematocephalus is their scientific name. The most extraordinary quality in the game so far is that they don’t spoil. They provide a good emergency ration of food. Presumably, they also have a game-relevant feature that has not yet been activated.
  • Poisonous trees: some trees have thorns. You can poison yourself on them if you want to cut a tree.
  • Caimans less dangerous: They don’t kill the player with the first attack. Nevertheless, they remain powerful opponents.
  • Fewer barriers for NPCs: They can now walk through shallow water and pass through bottlenecks. With this change, islands should no longer be a safe haven from tribal warriors.
  • Survival Guide: You can find a survival guide that will unlock a whole range of recipes for you to craft.

Where do you find the new region? Is there a map?

The Spirits of Amazonia is a completely new game mode. You start it in the new region. It is not yet certain whether there will be a transition to the already known parts of the jungle in this game mode. But in survival mode, you can explore the new region. Of course, there is also an in-game map that is hidden in the region.

How to test it now? There is currently a public test version of the developer built on Steam. You can already visit the new region there. And this is how it works:

  1. Open your Steam library
  2. Right-click on Green Hell and choose Properties
  3. Go to the BETAS submenu
  4. In the selection box you now select “public_test – Survival_SoA_Map”

Green Hell will then be downloaded again and will be installed in the trial version.

SOURCECreepy Jar
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