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It has been announced for a long time: Green Hell is coming to the consoles. At the Future Games Show at the end of March, the developers have now decided on a specific time window.

Old consoles: Green Hell has been playable on the Nintendo Switch since October 2020. With Xbox One and PlayStation 4, things are now going on: From June 2021, owners of this generation of consoles will also be able to get into the jungle survival game. This means that the developers are just within the last published schedule.

And the next generation consoles? Further updates will follow later for the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.

Green Hell comes on consoles. What can players expect in the jungle?

The Amazon Survival game appeared on PC in Steam Early Access in August 2018 and was successfully released in September 2019. So far, Green Hell has seen over 1.5 million players and received a number of expansions in various updates.

The survival sandbox: The game is based on a challenging survival sandbox. You have to keep track of many things at the same time to stay alive:

  • Nutrition: Eating only coconuts will not save you. Your diet must be balanced and contain proteins and carbohydrates in addition to fats – and of course clean water …
  • Health: You can systematically examine your body. And that’s also necessary to detect parasites or wounds before they cause worse.
  • Mental state: Extreme situations are nerve-wracking. In Green Hell you can compensate for particularly stressful or disgusting situations by resting around the campfire or preparing and enjoying a warm meal. If you don’t, you will eventually go insane.

The story mode: With Mia and Jake Higgins you accompany two scientists into the jungle, where they research a tribe living there. But then everything goes wrong and with your help it comes back on track – if you are successful.

Green Hell kommt auf Konsolen: Dann kannst du auch auf der Xbox und PS4 Locations wie im Traum-Urlaub besuchen.Solo and co-op: Both game modes are possible in Green Hell. You can play through both story and sandbox alone or with friends. Crossplay is not possible. The players on PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation stay in their respective universes. Cross-platform interaction is not envisaged.

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Other game modes: You have been able to take on various challenges in the game and complete self-contained tasks for quite a while. Build a raft and fill it with coconuts to escape the jungle. Based on this basic idea, the developers created a new PVE game mode. In “Spirits of Amazonia” you cooperate with the tribal people who live in the jungle. You have to complete a whole series of small quest tasks in order to gain their trust.

Little help: Now you have to be a little patient as a console player, but in a good two months it will be for you too: Welcome to the green hell!

If you die too often – especially at the beginning – you will find a few tips in our guide to Green Hell that will make it easier for you to survive in the Amazon.


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