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The co-op RPG Genshin Impact will soon receive Update 1.3. With the “All That Glitters” update, Xiao appears as a new character and brings some events with him.

This is new: With the 1.3 update for Genshin Impact, which is expected in mid to late February, the new 5-star character Xiao will be released. Furthermore, developer miHoYo is planning some events. In the trailer you can already see what to expect:

This is the 5-star character Xiao

This is Xiao: Xiao is an adept and the only remaining member of the five yakshas sent by Morax to subdue the demonic spirits that plagued Liyue. He currently lives at the Wangshu Inn, where he isolated himself from crowds and human interactions.

More about Genshin Impact
  • Play style: DPS
  • Rarity: ★★★★★
  • Weapon: Pole arm
  • Element: Anemo
  • Birthday: April 17th
  • Affiliation: Liyue Adeptus
  • Constellations: Alatus Nemeseos
  • English Voice: Laila Berzins
  • Chinese Voice: Jinchuan (金船), aka “kinsen”
  • Japanese Voice: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (松岡 禎丞)
  • Korean Voice: Sim Kyuhyuk (심규혁)

Xiaos Abilities

  • Normal Attack: Perform up to 6 rapid strikes.
  • Heavy Attack: Dive down and impact the ground, causing damage relative to the falling height. Can only be triggered in mid-air.
  • Jump-Attack: Falls to the ground, hitting enemies along the way, and dealing AoE damage on impact.

Elemental Skill “Lemniscatic Wind Cycling”: Xiao lunges forward, dealing Anemo DMG to enemies along the path. Can be used in mid-air. Has 2 charges to begin with.

Elemental Burst “Bane of All Evil”: Takes on the form of the yaksha that terrified both demons and archons alike millennia ago. For its duration, increases Xiao’s attack range and DMG, while converting damage type to Anemo and enhancing Xiao’s Jumping Ability. Maintaining this form continuously drains Xiao’s HP. Genshin-Impact-Xiao

These are the events with version 1.3

MiHoYo announced the main event and 4 mini-events for version 1.3. They will probably be released one after the other in the course of version 1.3.

This is the main event Lantern Rite: Together with Xiao you will watch the Lantern Festival in Liyue and let lanterns rise. In the meantime, you will probably beat up one or the other troublemaker so that the festival will go off peacefully.

The event also includes a kind of tower defense arena in which you have to use elementary towers to stop waves of monsters. This is unique in Genshin Impact and is sure to delight some players.

These are the 4 mini-events: In addition to the main event, there will be other small events:

  • Stand by Me: At the end of this event, you can choose a 4-star character. What you have to do for it is not really known.
  • Five Flushes of Fortune: At this event, you will get to know the photo mode of Genshin Impact better.
  • Vishaps and Where to Find Them: You have to study geo-vishaps and fight them.
  • Ley Line Overflow: This event is just a loot boost for “Heros wits” from the “prosperity of the elements”.

The events also reward you with Primogems, Interwoven Fates, and other items. Are you already looking forward to the 1.3 updates and the Lantern Festival in Genshin Impact? Write us your opinion in the comments!


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