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The Free2Play anime RPG Genshin Impact is getting a major expansion on December 23rd. Update 1.2 introduces a new area of ice and fire, as well as new characters, rewards, and seasonal activities.

That’s going on: Players of the Free2Play hit Genshin Impact are already eagerly waiting for new content. Anyone who is through with the current story and is fed up with daily tasks will be happy that developer miHoYo has announced Update 1.2.

This is the new zone in Genshin Impact

The update to version 1.2 brings the first new map expansion with the dragon ridge with it. A frozen mountain range south of Lunar City and home to many unique creatures, a lost old civilization, new rare ingredients, rare artifacts, and blueprints for various 4-star weapons.

“Covered by ice and snow all year round, the extreme climate on the Dragon Ridge challenges every traveler to survive the freezing cold there.”

That’s quite new: With the new bitter cold, keeping warm becomes the most important element that all players need to keep an eye on in battle and exploration. It is not known at the moment whether characters with the element cryo are also affected.

Genshin Impact Drachengrat

These are the new characters in Genshin Impact 1.2

Two new 5-star characters, Albedo and Ganyu, are also added as playable characters.

This is Albedo: Albedo, who is making his debut in the upcoming “Chalk and Dragons” series, is a young but legendary, ingenious alchemist from Mondstadt, who wields a one-handed sword and has mastered geo-power.


This is Ganyu: Ganyu is half human, half adept, is particularly good with the bow, and has mastered the cryo-power. She is also the envoy and secretary for the Qixing of Liyue. Ganyu already appeared as an NPC in the current course of the story, but in version 1.2 players can now get a closer look at Ganyu’s story through their personal subcontracts.

Genshin-Impact-GanyuThese are the seasonal events with update 1.2

This is the main promotion this season: The new seasonal promotion “Chalk and Dragons”, in which Albedo will play a major role, takes place in the new Dragon Ridge zone. You join Albedo, the troop leader of the investigation team of Ordo Favonius from Moon City, to investigate the sword with the mysterious power called “Sword of Corruption”.

By participating in the seasonal promotion, you can not only achieve the maximum refinement of the sword of corruption but also redeem other rewards at the promotional vendor. Including the “Crown of Wisdom”, which is necessary for every high-level character in order to bring talents to the maximum level.

Other smaller seasonal activities are already known from the previous seasons and provide you with rewards such as Primogems, Mora, or EXP books.

The big update will be released on December 23, 2020, and should keep players busy for more hours. Are you looking forward to the update? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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