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Genesis Alpha One is an up and coming rogue-like shooter, base building survival game from the developers at Radiation Blue and Team 17. Endless war, pollution and corruption has left Earth on the brink destruction. To escape peril and prevent the inevitable extinction of the human race, mankind created the Genesis Programme. As captain of the Genesis starship, your mission is to journey into uncharted space to find a new home for humanity’s DNA.

You and Your Starship

You are in charge of building and managing your spacecraft, exploring the vastness of space and farming integral resources for sustainability. Fend off alien infestations and clone lifeforms to replenish fallen crew members. Uncover the story of Genesis Alpha One as you travel through a vast and randomly generated universe.

Radiation Blue may be on to something new with their interesting combination of sci-fi shooter survival and strategy building management. With no release date just yet, we’ll be keeping an keen eye on Genesis Alpha One.

SOURCEGenesis Alpha One - Official
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