GARAGE: Bad trip


On May 10th Zombie Dynamics released their VHS era B-movies inspired zombie shooter GARAGE: Bad Trip exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. However, three months later the game is now playable on the PC as well.

An unexpected turn

In GARAGE: Bad trip, you will play as Butch an ex-drug dealer who wakes up after an incident in a parking garage, not knowing he is in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Apparently, Butch has hidden qualities as not soon after he will be able to slay hordes of zombies without batting an eye. While you are busy escaping Butch also wants to save the girl. Who this girl is and how Butch knows how to handle himself that well, gets revealed in the story.

While watching the trailer, the inspiration is clear and the pixel animations are looking appealing. In addition, scary music, weird creepy pictures, humor and blood and gore will most likely entertain fans of the genre. Each game level will have secrets, challenges and new weapons to find. Besides that, the gameplay offers survival, ammo management, and racing.

As GARAGE: Bad Trip is now available for PC you can find the game in the Steam shop for a price of €12,50. If you rather play it on the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo game store is the right place to go.



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