CEO & Art Director Nikita Buyanov is proud of his new award.

For a long time we debated, argued and weighed the criteria, till a final decision was made. Battlestate Games’ exceptionally innovative survival MMO Escape from Tarkov has been declared the winner of the first ever Survivethis Editor’s Choice Award. Glory and honour to the winner!

EFT – Hardcore Wins

Our amazing hands-on experience in the business booth at Battlestate Games convinced us that EFT is the most promising survival title at Gamescom 2017. The developers were delighted that we honoured their work on the hardcore survival shooter with our self-made award.

With a three to one vote, Escape from Tarkov took the gold due to its exceptional future lineup. With the promise of upcoming features such as the hideout, quest system and two in the works maps (Shoreline and Streets of Tarkov), Battlestate Games was the well deserved winner.

Not to mention the promised implementation of new weapons and combat features. That just puts the icing on the cake! We hope that our award will help to underline the high expectations we all have for the Escape from Tarkov developers.

We wish Battlestate Games all the best on the long road to a full release and a successful development.

Gamescom 17
Sascha and Christian say “Goodbye” to the award.

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