Die Frostpunk Roadmap für das komplette Jahr wurde bereits im Juni veröffentlicht.
Die Frostpunk Roadmap für das komplette Jahr wurde bereits im Juni veröffentlicht.

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The moment the survival-city-builder Frostpunk came out, the developers 11-bit studio promised to publish a roadmap with all the updates for 2018.  While it only covers the remaining months, a total of five free updates will be added.

An Exciting 2018

The first update we will see is called the Survivor. It will bring a challenge to the players who have mastered the full survival techniques on the hardest settings. The mode will unlock special modifiers and it will be -120c. As its the first update of the list, it’s scheduled for June.

Secondly, new basic customizations options will be added. This means that soon we are able to name our citizens and automatons. However, the developers want to add more customizations in the future.

Frostpunk kommt mit einer Roadmap im eigentlichen Sinne daher: Einer Landkarte, die die Meilensteine für dieses Jahr aufzeigt.
On the map, you see the order of the upcoming updates!

The third update will be a new scenario called The Builders. The scenario will have its own story and challenge. However, this is all 11-bit studio has to say about it for now. Yet, we won’t say no to a new interesting scenario!

As fourth, another game mode will see the light later this year. This will be the requested sandbox mode called Endurance. However, 11-bit studio’s already mentioned it’s gonna be their vision on the endless mode feature. So, this might not be as the fans imagine it.

At last, we will be able to capture the beauty of Frostpunk with the Winter Snapshots update. This will include special photo tools to take the best pictures. In addition, a special surprise will be going live with this update.

Beyond the Year

We can expect more updates for 2019 as this is what 11-bit studio had to say about it:

Of course – that’s not the end of the journey. That’s just how much stuff we were able to pack into year 2018. But we have more ideas (and we bet you have some, too) to implement in upcoming year 2019… 

Besides the just mentioned bigger updates, we will see small updates in between. These smaller ones will focus on bug fixes, tweaking, and performance issues. We will tell you all about the new updates when they are out, so stay tuned.


SOURCEFrostpunk via Steam
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