With the release of Frostpunk being close, a lot of streamers have been streaming. However, the developers know not everyone wants to get spoiled by these streams. So, they made a new developer blog showing the Path of Faith.

Just believe

The last time they wrote a developer blog about one of the paths, it was the Path of Order which is a strict way of playing the game. However, this time we can talk about the Path of Faith, a path that has more to do with devotion.

A look at the laws of the Path of Faith.

The Path of Faith allows you to build new buildings into the city as well as new events which all have to do with faith or religion. One of these buildings is the House of Prayer, a small location where people can pray and were small ceremonies are held. Secondly, you have the shrines, placed near working stations it will raise the spirit of the people which will increase the efficiency of their work.

Thirdly, The Field Kitchen law allows you to place field kitchens in your city. These kitchens provide warm meals to your citizens and buildings near the kitchen will get a bonus to heating. In addition, you are also able to build a House of Healing which heals the sick slower than the Infirmary. However, you don’t need any engineers for it and it slightly raises the hope of the patient.

You can also unlock the Evening Prayers which will raise hope and lowers discontent.

While we mentioned there is a small praying building there is also a bigger one: the temple. The temple will give hope to the faithful citizens and might even convert citizens who don’t. Yet, its only allowed to place one in the city.

With the release being on April 24th, another update will be given this weekend. Depending on the news that gets shared, we will come back to you next week for the long-awaited review.


SOURCEFrostpunk via Steam
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