A few weeks ago 11-bit studio’s shared the roadmap for their survival city-builder Frostpunk, with the survivor mode as the first planned update. So, if you survived on the hardest difficulty in Frostpunk and want some more challenge and sweat, its time to dive into the Survival Mode.

We will prevail

So, what exactly is this survivor mode? This new mode is made for the players who have no problems with surviving the scenarios on the hardest difficulty. The first change you will notice when selecting the survivor mode is the removal of the pause button. This means you won’t be able to pause the game while placing buildings, as only checking the menu’s will pause. Besides that, saving isn’t an option anymore and you will need to live with all your decisions. And no, you can’t sneakily quit the game as your progress automatic saves when you end.

In addition, the overall difficulty is increased as well which means balancing between hope and discontent in combination with the economy is way harder. Besides that, surviving till the end won’t only make you feel proud, but each scenario has its own survivor achievement, making it a total of three new achievements.

Just one click is needed to give you a new challenge in all the scenarios.

However, the survival mode isn’t everything that got included into update 1.1.0 as a lot of small changes happened. The biggest change is the balancing of the hunter’s huts as hunters now need to rest after their work hours. This means you can’t put the hunters directly on another job. Secondly, emergency shifts now work for the resource piles. Lastly, quick save and quick loading got added, with the default keys on F5 and F9.

Just as the roadmap already showed, the survival mode is just the first update on the list planned for 2018. However, to celebrate it Frostpunk is now at a 15% discount on Steam. We will come back to you when the next update is live!


SOURCEFrostpunk via Steam
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