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11 Bit Studios, creators of the thought provoking side scroller This War of Mine, are back at it again with something even colder. Survival city builder fans, please put your hands together for the new game on the block, Frostpunk. Be prepared to fight for your people and fend for your right to survive in an unforgivable frozen wasteland.

A Steampunk Ice Age Survival

During Gamescom this year we met with Senior Producer Błażej Żywiczyński. He began by explaining the story behind Frostpunk. We learned that this game sits on an alternate timeline where a devastating ice age occurred in the 19th century. You, the protagonist and future leader of the people, went in search of a powerful generator strong enough to fuel a city of survivors and save what remains of humanity. Finally, with a capable reactor in your sights, but with no way home, you and many others decide make do and build a society from the ground up. 

As with every city builder, you’ll begin with the fundamentals of resource gathering. Civilians with the correct skill sets can be picked to venture out in search of coal, wood and iron for your people. With the help of these raw materials, you’ll learn to build settlements and homes for your growing civilisation. As with all things, it will start off small and gradually grow till a living city surrounds the central furnace that keeps your citizens warm and alive.

Learn to Keep Your People Happy

In such harsh conditions, it’s only a matter of time before people begin to complain. As leader, it’s your job to turn down or fulfil the demands of your citizens. But remember, although you may have different and more efficient plans for your resources, saying no enough times will have its consequences. Break your word and watch your people’s hope for survival diminish.

The laws and decisions you make effect how Frostpunk plays in a big way. Sometimes dark decisions have to be made for the greater good. Will you add sawdust to the food to stretch out meals? Will you use mass graves to bury the dead or will you put the deceased on the menu for the survivors? You may solve the food shortage problem, but will the kids be happy chowing down on grandpa? Probably not. Once you pass laws, they are not easily revocable, so make sure you’re certain that the lifestyle you choose for your society is worth pursuing.

Decisions tree.
You are the law. Learn to make life-changing decisions.

The City Must Survive

The goal always has and always will be to survive. You must attempt to expand the steam generator and with it, your colony. But be warned, the snow won’t stop falling. Conditions will worsen, resources will become limited and your people will get desperate. Whilst on expeditions across the tundra, you may find helpful resources, be able to save and recruit new settlers and uncover the origins of this icy disaster. At Gamescom we weren’t fortunate enough to spend long with Frostpunk. From the limited time we were given, it was difficult to gauge just how good the survival atmosphere of the game was. We look forward to giving this city builder a proper go after it’s release.

Frostpunk is scheduled to be released sometime this year, with an exact date soon to be announced. The developers do have plans for DLCs and expansions with only a select few costing money.



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