Quarter one of 2018 is coming to an end and with that the survival city builder Frostpunk should release soon. With one month to go, another developers blog got shared giving answers to a few questions. While there are still a lot remaining, we got you covered with the news that shared.

“You can try to be the noble one and listen to the people, or you can believe that your cold-blooded calculations will prove valid over the course of survival.”

Moral Laws or Iron Fist

As leader you will need to make tough decisions to let your people survive, finding the balance between moral and surviving in the progress. With the new developers blog the path of the Order got revealed, which is a page in your law-book. The Path of Order allows you to protect your citizen from troublemakers. One of the laws called the neighbourhood watch, allows you to build a small watchtower. People living nearby will be protected by their fellow neighbours who serve as watch members. These watchtowers will give hope to your citizen as they feel safer.

If you don’t like the idea of citizens protecting themselves, the guard stations are another law you can use. This time not the citizen but organised guards will keep the peace and restore order in your city. Yet, the guard stations also restore hope.  In combination with another law the guards can patrol the streets near the stations. But, this isn’t without cost as you need to provide your guards with extra food. Those aren’t all the laws in the Order section as the video shows us a prison where people become a model citizen again.

Revealing the details

Besides the specific release date, the price of Frostpunk has been secret. Well, a mystery no longer as 11 bit studios revealed that the digital version is going to be around 30 euro. Few weeks ago it got said there was a retail version on its way, but it’s not known yet what the price is going to be or what is included. The release date of Frostpunk is set for the first quarter of 2018 Yet, the specific date hasn’t been announced yet. But, as we get an announcement before hand the game might not release earlier then the end of March. If you plan on playing the game with a controller, you will have to wait as controllers aren’t supported yet and most likely won’t be soon after the release.

One of the guard towers, to keep your citizens save.

Don’t be afraid when you see all these new additions that are getting revealed. All these updates aren’t getting implanted at the last-minute, the developers just decided to keep them a secret.


SOURCEFrostpunk via Steam
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