As you might know 11 bit studios had to postpone their upcoming survival city builder Frostpunk to early 2018 and as we just moved into February the release date is now close. Because of this, they showed a new developer update to prove they are still alive.

Deus Ex Machina

While your citizens will protest when they have to work for more than twelve hours and aren’t resistant against the cold and hunger, the new automatons are a good solution for the priority jobs. These steampunk-robots will not only work around the clock but you are also able to research upgrades, which let them work even more efficient. However as Frostpunk works around morale it will be interesting to see how your citizens react. Will they be happy that machines are doing their job? Are the benefits of the automatons worth it or do they bring more danger then prosperity?

In the video below you will see the development of the automatons as well as some of the animations. There are more stories to tell about them but the developers want to keep some details for further developer updates.

The Q&A

With the developer’s blog on steam they also released a short Q&A with the most asked questions. We took two interesting answers from it, which not only tell us that there are multiple game modes in the game but 11 bit studio also mentions that Frostpunk might be the first game of a bigger series.

”The general idea was that Frostpunk will be starting a brand new world for us – a world that we can explore in other games in the future. So, there is room here for other Frostpunk-related games.”

”We plan to implement more modes besides the main campaign. Be it sandbox/endless mode or some scenarios – we can’t tell you that, yet – but we have a lot stuff hidden in the shadows. ”

Frostpunk will be available on all gaming platforms on PC, with a price around 30 euro.The release of the game is expected to be around March. So stay tuned as more updates will follow shortly.


SOURCEFrostpunk via Steam
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