Frostpunk delayed

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Sad news for the fans of the upcoming game: Frostpunk which is in development by 11 Bit Studios. The developers announced that the release will be postponed to early 2018. With the announcement they also gave the reasons behind the decision.

The decision

The first reason of postponing the game has to do about not excluding anyone from the game at the start of the release. Excluding? Indeed, 11 Bit studios wants to make sure everyone is able to play the game directly. This will result in the game being available in seven languages: English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Polish.

Their last reason has to do with releasing the game itself. Instead of just going for a digital release of the game they also want to make a retail box edition. And yes, this also means they want to add a sort of limited collector’s edition to it. We will need to wait to see what will be included in these editions of the game.

Although nobody likes to wait on a game they are hyped for. 11 Bit studios shows with the postponing how much they care about their new game and the experience players will get when it gets released. These new features take time, so let the waiting begin and hope they tease us some more with upcoming news!



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