Frostpunk AMA


Today the developers of the survival city-builder game Frostpunk did an AMA ( Ask Me Anything) on the official fan discord of Frostpunk. However, as the community asked a lot of questions we collected the most interesting of it.

Ask me Anything?

There were multiple developers spending time with the community and they all gave their own answers. However, to keep it clean we will leave the names out of it an combine their answers. This means we sometimes add a backstory to an answer, yet the answers are all in the words of the developers unless said so.

Can we build more than one city in Frostpunk, during one playthrough?

”Nope. This game tasks you with making sure your city survives, and there’s only one “your” city. However! You will be able to set up outposts that help your city. They are subordinate though to the one main one you’re caring for (the idea to have multiple cities comes up a lot so who knows what the future will bring).”

Is there a productivity bonus for using gathering posts instead of working directly on coal piles etc?

”Yes, definitely. Setting up a gathering post allows your people to work on multiple resources in its range. In addition to that, you can still have people working on the resource itself. So setting up a gathering post + having people work manually on the resource pile gives you a huge boost. In addition to that, GP gives you a warmth bonus that can’t be achieved otherwise.So there’s that – making sure your people don’t freeze to death.”

Is there more than one form of the crater and how was it formed?

”Well – it protects it from wind and hard weather. It was formed by the generator itself. There are various craters in different game scenarios.”

Have you considered doing Frostpunk SPIN-OFFs?”

”Frostpunk’s been devised as a game that sets up a world, one that we can play around in many ways. For now, it’s just society survival city-builder, but as any good world – it spins up imagination. We have a lot of crazy ideas on the team. They’re just ideas for now, though. Let’s get the game out the door and successful first”

Frostpunk AMA
Three of the developers that decided to do the AMA with the community. However, they weren’t the only ones.

Whats the max size your city can be?

This question triggered the inner trolls of some of the developers. However, the answer depends on how many buildings you can fit into the crater. But, one of the other developers mentioned a few hundred citizens.

Will the tall buildings keep heat from the smaller buildings behind them?

”Nope – although fitting them all in the heat zones will be a challenge. That’s what steamhubs are for – to allow the far away buildings to withstand the temperature (or generator upgrades). ”

Can we have an air pollution problem in the game?

The developers mentioned that they had the idea to add this to the game. However, they decided to cancel it. Here below you will read how one of the developers responded to the ”why” question:

”It just didn’t go well with all of the other problems that you have to juggle at the same time. ;) “Sir, it’s -70, 80% of our people are sick and half of them are dying of starvation, the Londoners will take the non-starving half away in 2 days… Oh and btw, some of our people are really concerned with developing lung cancer in 10 years”

Will there be a war against other fractions?” / “Will there be some sort of wars or conflicts with other settlements?

”Other settlements are part of exploration and we’ll keep the details for you to explore. Although we do want to focus on survival of YOUR society sometimes the biggest enemy is the devil inside all of us.”

What does repairing the mechanic lift on the right side do for?

”If you set up outposts, they need a more secure way of transporting resources into the crater than “well let’s drop them from this huge snow cliff” safety first”

However, these are just a few of the many questions the developers managed to answer during the two-hour AMA. If you are curious about the non-related Frostpunk questions make sure to check their full AMA on the discord server. But in the end, we will have to play the game ourselves on April 24th to discover everything behind it.



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