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Friday the 13th: The Game publishers, Gun Media, are attempting to quell an angry onslaught of the F13 community by showing us what’s in store for the online horror game. A new roadmap, which reveals a vague timeline, displays all the plans that Gun Media and developers Illfonic have in store from now right through to next year. Although the dates for the new content have not yet been published, the roadmap does give us a pretty good idea of when we can expect to see this new content.

The Roadmap of Things to Come

Since the launch of Friday the 13th: The Game in May 2017, there have been technical issues across all platforms, from matchmaking problems to in-game bugs and glitches causing many angry players. With the initial promise of a singleplayer experience on the not-so-far-off horizon, developers Illfonic have apologetically explained the reason for such a big delay.

“There were a number of issues we needed to address with the games stability prior to committing additional resources to making Single Player happen.” – Illfonic

F13 Roadmap
The new content shows singleplayer is still very behind schedule.

With Xbox One acting as the developer’s biggest headache, the team made the decision to fix the core game first before worrying about adding any new content. They also claimed that they recently contracted extra help and have thrown all the resources they could into fixing their broken game. Illfonic now believes they have jumped the hurdle of problems and will begin to concentrate on putting the singleplayer back on track. Singleplayer will be released in separate parts over the coming months. This is to ensure that players will not be waiting for everything only to run into even more problems!

Waiting for Halloween

If you’re eagerly waiting for a singleplayer experience for this horror hack ‘n’ slash; well according to the roadmap, after Halloween we should start to see segments of a solo game make an appearance. Before that, there is plenty of new content on the way including Tommy Jarvis’ house map, new councillors and also part IV Jason to look forward to. Who doesn’t enjoy running around as Jason Vorhees with new threads? The full statement by Illfonic can be found here.

F13 Jason finisher
Another one bites the dust.



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