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The developers of the upcoming multiplayer slasher Friday the 13th held a panel at PAX South in Texas. Not only did they show new video material, but also announced new information.

Implementation of Beta-Player Feedback

In the days leading up to Christmas, the closed beta for Friday the 13th ran its course, rather successfully according to the developers. Feedback and suggestions from beta players were taken under serious consideration which led to many discussions amongst the team. Some suggestions were so good that they were directly implemented. One example is that bombers now distract Jason, providing you with a chance to escape.

Another suggestion concerned the light gun. Previously, you could only fire it in the air to signal other players your—or Jason’s—location. Now, you have the option to shoot directly at Jason.

If you miss, however, Jason will take advantage of the opportunity and grab you.

Jason’s Abilities

Jason is slow but powerful. As in the cult films, he has the ability to appear out of nowhere, and also to find you no matter where you’re hiding. If that wasn’t scary enough, he can spot victims from afar. Even his sense of hearing can regularly find sound sources. If your sacrifices walk around, you’ll detect their loud steps. If they’re afraid, their outlines will become visible thanks to the increased heartbeat.

However, if the teenagers are not afraid and don’t make loud noises, Jason can’t locate them.

If the teenagers get spooked or cause a ruckus, they’ll shine red.

What can the teens do about it? For one, you can turn on a radio to distract Jason. This prompts the Jason-player to destroy the radio in order to hear quieter sounds.

His other abilities compensate for wild goose chases. He can teleport all over the map, or move quickly from point A to point B with the morph. All his abilities can be combined at will.

If Jason uses his senses and then teleports himself, he’ll find his victims quickly.

New Kill-Move and Location

In addition to a secret Killmove, which the developers didn’t want to give away yet, there was another gameplay addition: a location straight from the films.

The new area is the Packanack Lodge—a reference to the second Friday the 13th film. It wasn’t an easy addition to make, either. The original structure used during filming was demolished and replaced with no available blueprints. The developers had no option but to watch the movie hundreds of times and stop every few seconds to record images of the structure. Despite early hesitation, the secret Killmove was revealed in the developer’s footage.

Included were depictions of the second Killmove. To do this, you need a spear. The result is you ramping it into your victim’s head.

When’s the Release Date for Friday the 13th?

The developers also talked about the release date—it doesn’t exist (yet). They are aware that everyone wants a date, but the developers don’t want to make a promise they can’t keep.

The implementation of notes from beta-players has shifted the time-window for Friday the 13th back slightly. With each new idea implemented, the release is delayed. Even the console versions still need time. Above all, release on Microsoft and Sony platforms won’t be feasible until the title is first completed for PC.


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