Counselor Victoria Sterling


IllFonic, the developers of Friday the 13th: The Game, has announced a new counselor, Victoria Sterling. Sterling will be available for free in the next update. As of yet, there is no set date for the update, but it will happen in May.

Get to Know Victoria

What’s Victoria like? Well, she’s similar to Chad in that her parents are loaded. Hell, let’s just cut to the chase, she’s a rich brat who’s only looking out for herself. Some might even call her a manipulative b****. But despite these negatives, she does have some good things going for her.

Victoria’s strengths are stealth, stamina, and luck. So while she can hide and run from Jason, she’ll definitely need help fighting him, as her strength and repair stats are low.

Counselor Victoria Stats
High stealth, stamina, and luck

Many players are excited about the addition of Victoria because of her high stamina and luck. She will be added to the next update of Friday the 13th for free. However, she will not be able to equip the Spring Break and Halloween premium DLC clothing. When we will be able to play as her, is still unknown because the next update has been pushed back and will occur sometime May.

SOURCEFriday the 13th Forum
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