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A long, long time ago Sony revealed in 2014 that The Forest was coming to PlayStation 4. While a specific date hasn’t been announced yet, we at least got another trailer to pass the time.

Not alone In the Forest

The Forest is a horror-survival game where your plane crashes down on an island. To survive you have to gather resources and build shelters to protect yourself from the tribe of cannibals living next door. While you have the possibility to just try to survive and build a huge base, you also have the option to find your son and finish the story of the game.

The new trailer, which got revealed on the PlayStation Experience by the developers, Endnight Games ltd, shows another player walking beside you. This will allow us, just as on the PC version, to co-op with a friend.  If you are afraid to fight against a whole tribe of cannibals or adventure through dark caves alone, you just need to do one thing: Convince a friend to get the game for their PlayStation.

The Forest is still in early access on steam but has been received pretty well by the community. The PlayStation version will be coming out around spring 2018, so the waiting isn’t over yet.



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