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The survival game “First” is designed to focus entirely on the relationship between humans and dogs. But even now the developer has to face serious allegations.

This is “coming”: First is a survival game from developer The Play Way (Thief Simulator). The game aims to focus on the relationship between a nameless astronaut and his dog. But already after the first announcement, there are doubts about the project.

This is first, this is its developer & is this fake?

First’s cool premise: Stranded on deserted earth, our nameless hero has to fight his way through the wilderness and the remnants of human civilization. However, he is not alone in this, because a loyal dog companion follows him.

As a player, we can upgrade it, equip it with new bags, and put on various other items so that it becomes better and better in combat and transport. Should it come to the former, this loyal four-legged friend will help us.

The story of First is meant to focus entirely on the relationship between the two protagonists. Bethesda promised a similar story in 2014 with Fallout 4. But the companion Dogmeat was just a nice side task and didn’t really add value to the role-playing game.

This is exactly where Play Way wants to start with the game First and in fact the game doesn’t look so bad or wrong at first glance. But the second eye-catcher is known to be the one where the covers fall.

first-survival-game-play-way-dogIs First fake? In the first pictures and the only first teaser, we are supposed to see real gameplay material. At least that’s what we assumed because that’s how the presentation looked.

In truth, however, a disclaimer has crept into the picture, informing us that the scenes shown are rendered in real-time, but in no way represent gameplay.

The comment column of the video captures the mood surrounding the announcement of the game very aptly. Nobody believes the First game is a real game. Which is partly due to the purchased assets that make up the trailer.

In fact, we too have our concerns. You should therefore expect the survival game with caution indefinitely. The same applies to this project, which many users have longed for.

first-survival-game-play-way-monsterPossible release: The game First will only be on Steam and thus exclusively on the PC. However, the developer does not give an exact date in his teaser. As usual for such projects, we can already put First on our wish list on Steam.

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