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Fear TWD & The Walking Dead are both now on winter break. We explain when there will be new episodes & what you can expect from them.

Most recently announced: You probably already know that The Walking Dead will finally end after the 11th season and that it will continue with several spin-off series. But before that happens, the promised 6 extra episodes have to be broadcast.

There is no foreseeable end to Fear The Walking Dead, especially since the series lags behind in the time continuum within the TWD universe. Nevertheless, an exciting season 6b awaits us here too.

Release of The New Episodes from Fear & The Walking Dead

Early winter break: The Walking Dead celebrated its grand finale of the 10th season at the beginning of October. With Fear, however, you still have to be patient until the mid-season finale is broadcast.

Because the broadcaster AMC has decided not to air the actual season semi-finals in 2020. Although episode 8 has already been shot and finished, it will only be broadcast after the winter break.

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When it starts: New follow Fear The Walking Dead will probably not be released until March. The sender cannot or does not want to give an exact date yet. As has now become known, 13 of 16 episodes have already been shot.

As already mentioned, only episode 8 is completely finished. Every other episode has to go through post-production.

The same goes for the main series The Walking Dead. Here too, no release date was given by those responsible at AMC. But if we keep an eye on the release period of the last seasons, the 6 extra episodes of the 10th season The Walking Dead could start in February / March.

An April or May release, as other magazines are predicting for new episodes The Walking Dead 2021, we don’t think is realistic.

What The New Episodes of Fear & The Walking Dead will be about

Madison Returns: In an interview with Insider, the showrunners of Fear The Walking Dead are asked about Madison. You can read what exactly they say in this article.

Basically, they predict that viewers will be surprised by who brought Morgan back to life at the beginning of the season. Plus, like Madison herself said:

“No ones gone until they’re gone”

What comes in season 10c: In the mother series, however, you can expect a lot of flashbacks. Scenes with Negan and his wife Lucille have already been confirmed. Also what Maggie has been up to in the past six years will be part of the season 10 c too.

In addition, of course, the Commonwealth is only being introduced properly.
But I wouldn’t expect too big battles or bombast episodes in your place. Because of the corona pandemic, many scenes were shot with small, easily controllable groups.


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