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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 is confirmed. A new trailer also shows a known Logo as well as changes for the future of the show!

Twitter announcement surprised: The official Twitter channel of The Walking Dead posted a short CG trailer a few hours ago. Although this doesn’t tell us much about the story, it does reveal that there will be a 7. season and used an all-too-familiar symbol!

That will be different in Fear The Walking Dead Season 7

The trailer shows that: The new trailer for season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead doesn’t show much, as already mentioned. But that would also be very counterproductive for viewers and broadcasters alike. The production of the 6th season is still in full swing. Fans don’t want to be spoiled and AMC certainly doesn’t want to arrange extra shoots.

That resulted in a CG trailer that shows poker cards, dice, and signs from highways in Texas with the number 7. What that stands for is probably clear – Fear The Walking Dead season 7 is coming.

This was also confirmed by showrunner Scott Gimple, who already noted that the production is currently going haywire. Season 6 of Fear is not out of post-production yet and the next iteration is already being worked on.

Everything is going to be different? The spin-off had already taken a new direction. However, we cannot imagine a continuation of the current episode structure due to the renewed merging of the characters.

Season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead took a completely new path and was able to rehabilitate itself for many fans. For the first time, we don’t follow a large group through sometimes more, sometimes less exciting storylines. Instead, the protagonists receive episodes written especially for them, which give them the character development and depth they deserve.


Of course, Lennie James as Morgan Jones continues to be the focus of the stage spotlights. He may soon have to share this place with Madison Clark, who supposedly died in season 4.

We have also reported in detail about Madison’s return, but this is not certain, even according to the statements of the writer and actress Kim Dickens.


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