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Since Madison Clark’s death in Fear The Walking Dead, fans have been demanding her return. There are always hints & AMC now seems to be actually thinking about it!

Why she should return! Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) died in season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead and handed over the reins of the series lead to Alicia and Nick and later to Morgan.

Fans are angered by this decision to this day, and two years later fans still demanding that Madison returns. This is basically possible because she did die off-screen. Her actress once even said that she would like to return.

This question rekindles the fire around Madison

AMC stirs up the rumor mill: By the newly kindled fire surrounding Madison Clark I mean, of course, the fire of theories, not the one that apparently killed her.

The TV Channel AMC placed a survey on their website regarding the latest season of Fear The Walking Dead. In this, fans are asked why they turned on to Fear The Walking Dead season six.

There were several options to choose from. Viewers could choose to watch the new season because:

  • They want to see if the group reunites.
  • They are a fan of one of the actors.
  • Want to know if Dwight will find sherry.
  • Because they want to see if Madison returns.


What does that mean now? A return of Kim Dickens is impossible, at least in the current season 6. She does not appear in the cast and is otherwise involved in other projects.

However, the poll could mean the broadcaster is considering a possible return homecoming for Madison. Fans would surely be happy and it would bring the series back to a level it lost due to wrong decisions made by the showrunners.

That’s why we need her: After her husband’s death, Madison quickly became the tough head of the family and a dominant personality. She had to, because protecting her children was always her top priority.

She is warm-hearted and loving, but can also become an ice-cold killer if she senses danger. Madison is simply a character like no other in the whole The Walking Dead universe. In addition, the series would at least be carried back somewhat in the direction of its original orientation.



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