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Madison Clark died in Fear The Walking Dead season 4, didn’t she? More and more is clearly pointing to a return of the former series lead.

News at a glance: There are again indications of the return of Madison Clark, who allegedly burned Fear The Walking Dead in the stadium in the fourth season. But after the actress of the character (Kim Dickens) has already added fuel to the speculation, the showrunners do the same!

Showrunners discuss Madison’s return to The Walking Dead

Here’s what Kim Dickens says: In a television interview, the actress mentioned that it wasn’t her decision to leave the series. She also mentions that she is ready to return to the show. In addition, she would find it incredibly stupid if her character Madison were not able to climb a fence.

Within the series universe, shortly before her death, Madison says:

,,No one is gone, until they are gone”

…So did Madison, because we never saw her death. What showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg also know.

This is what the showrunners have to say: In an interview with Insider magazine, the editor found out that the writers of the series are also aware that Madison does not necessarily have to be dead. They clearly answered the question with:

,,Well, we never saw her body


Madison saved Morgan: As Morgan keeps mentioning in the current season of Fear The Walking Dead, he doesn’t know who saved him from death after he was shot by Virginia outside the church in the western town.

Those in charge say that this person is someone Morgan has never met. We should also be very surprised as soon as this mysterious character is revealed in the series.

The actual mid-season finale has been postponed until next year, although the episode has already been completed. However, the rest of Season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead has been delayed.

Maybe Madison will return in the Fear The Walking Dead season 6 semi-finals? Tell us your opinion!

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