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The first episode of the sixth season Fear The Walking Dead has been aired and was a positive surprise. But what’s the meaning of the key and the submarine?

Season 6 is well-received! The reviews of the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead are very positive. It still has nothing to do with the plot of seasons 1 – 3, but at least Fear is now releasing the constraints of the mother series.

Fear is finally going its own way again and it tells a story of a bounty hunter, supposed immunity to the virus, and an even greater danger than the Commonwealth and CRM combined!

The Nuclear Submarine And Its Key! What Does It Mean?

Meaning of the key: One thing is clear in the focus of the episode. A key that’s on a chain. The bounty hunter Emile was hired to get this key, for whom we don’t know yet. He succeeds, but at the end of the episode, Morgan takes the key from him. But what is it for?

Shortly before the credits roll, we see two men writing “The End Is The Beginning” on a red surface. As it turns out, it is the hull of a submarine. A nuclear submarine, to be precise. An Ohio-class submarine, to be even more precise – enough detail, but knowing that is important!

fear the walking dead season 6 atom uboot

This class of submarines is often equipped with nuclear weapons, but so that not every mad admiral launches them, — watch out — two keys are required to launch the nuclear missiles. This is called the “Two-Man Rule”.

It is very likely that Morgan now has one of these keys. Who has the second and what he plans to do with it, we will surely find out in the course of season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead. Hopefully we will also learn how the submarine got that far inland.

Morgan’s Immunity: Let’s take the opportunity to explain Morgan’s apparent immunity to the Wildfire Virus. As we had already suspected, something like this is not possible within the The Walking Dead universe. There is an explanation, however.

The fact that Mr. Jones is not attacked by the undead is because his wound has become infected and is already rotting. This is called necrosis and describes the localized death of tissue. It stinks so badly that the walkers think he’s one of them.


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