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After there is nothing new from Konami and Co., Silent Hill fans will finally get new food on November 27th in the form of the fan-made film Silent Hill: Echoes.

That’s going on: Unfortunately, the Silent Hill franchise has become very quiet in every respect. Konami has no known plans to continue the video game series, nor is there any news about the announced Silent Hill film by Christophe Gans. So it is up to the fans now to do something. Tim Davis and James Coleman have now announced Silent Hill: Echoes for November 27th and have released an impressive trailer right away, including Pyramid Head and the famous nurses.

That’s what it’s about: James Sunderland, played by Michael Ciesla, is looking for his late wife Maria, played by Kaylin Cervini, in the town of Silent Hill. Fans of the series will immediately recognize this scenario as it resembles the story of Silent Hill 2. According to producer and cameraman Codey Dingfield, part two of the series was the inspiration for him to enter the horror genre. The atmosphere, the soundscape, and the monster design are simply timeless and wonderful in his eyes.

The team was able to win over the well-known composer Peter Wicher for the music. He was already in projects like P.T. and Visage involved and provided the appropriate musical background. In any case, we are very curious to see whether the film will manage to capture the oppressive atmosphere of the original. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait very long. You can watch the Movie on November 27th on the Coleman Brothers YouTube channel.

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