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The last time we checked the survival game Fade to Silence was just after their first big update; Hope. The end of February brought a whole new dimension to the game as the update Unity went live. With the new update you get united with your daughter and a whole new area got added to the map. So let’s take a look at all the changes.

A family getting bigger

When starting up a new game of Fade to Silence the changes are already visible. After leaving your tomb and fighting the monster outside of it, your daughter Alice will be standing on one of the houses, screaming for help. A big part of the town has already burned out, and you can save her by cleaning the crystal in the middle of the camp. Afterwards a cut scene shows the affection they have for each other. However, Alice doesn’t do anything useful so far, she just sits by the campfire and will warn you to come inside when a snowstorm is going on.

Fade to Silence
At the beginning you will not only rescue the remaining of the camp, but also your daughter Alice.

As we are talking about new faces, a new follower is available since the Unity update, as Ryme will come to your camp when she thinks it’s big enough. She will be a great addition to your camp as she reduces the sound you make while sneaking and monsters have a hard time spotting her.

A dangerous place to go

Besides this, a new region got added to the map. The new area is called The Wreck and used to be a recreation area overlooking the river delta. However, after the apocalypse a freighter got stuck atop of the ridge and its containers are strewn about, creating a dangerous place for you to walk around. In addition, we know that with the next update another area will get added. So, make sure to prepare and venture into these dangerous places with new events and outposts.

Fade to Silence
A sneak peek of the new area coming in the next update.

The battle of bugs and glitches

To help the players navigate better, the interface as well as the inventory got some tweaks. One of the most important ones is that equipped gear won’t take any space in your inventory. The reason for this is to have more space for other items. However, with this tweak the space in your inventory at the beginning changed as well, allowing you to carry fewer items. While this might be a problem at the beginning, they added more slots to the pouch, which you are able to craft.

While the first update fixed a lot of the bugs this isn’t the case for Unity. When you take a look at the new update you will see a lot of bug fixes, but Unity caused some more to appear. Yet, a few days ago they added a hotfix where another 146 bugs got eliminated.

In the video above the developers talk about focusing on fixing the glitches and the Unreal Engine 4 bugs that came with the new version. The reason of this is to make sure the gameplay is as smooth as possible. If everything goes as planned, we can expect the Fear update in April. If the name of the update is supposing to be a hint, who knows what horrors we can expect.


SOURCEFade to Silence via Steam
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