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A month ago the Guilt update happened for the survival game Fade to Silence which means it’s time for a new one, this time it’s called Hunger. Just as the updates before some new features are getting added. However, the biggest surprise of them all is the possibility to play co-op!

Two players are stronger than one

The biggest surprise of this update goes to the multiplayer feature as from now on a friend is able to join your game. To do so, your camp first needs a follower who will be possessed by your friend. After that, you can start a co-op session on the expedition menu.

So how does the world work when you have a friend joining? Both players are leashed to each other, so if one of you walks too far away they will get teleported back, with a warning. In addition, when a player dies the other can revive you on the spot. While this will lower the deprivation of the other player, it allows you to progress further through the world by working as a team. Also, the crafting system is a bit different as the host player will automatically craft two non-consumable items. however, When the other player crafts something, the two items will appear in the refuge stash.

”It won’t send any personal data, we are NOT interested in your installed software or your system specs or even your player ID. Our data collecting tool only records your play session” – The Black Forest Team

However, as co-op just got implemented the system is far from finished. So, bugs or crashes might appear. To help the developers finalizing the co-op system they are asking you to turn on the Telemetry Tool in the options. Don’t worry, this won’t collect any personal information it just sends data about your playing sessions. Because of this, when a crash happens the developers will directly have access to where you were during the crash and what happened.

Resources and crafting

The update also changed the recourses system and even added some new items. As first, late-game resources and items are added, which means you followers can now find imbued wood and other advanced resources. In addition, you are able to craft new and better gear. But don’t worry when your gear doesn’t change because the new version still uses the existing visuals.

Secondly, when opening the building menu you will see two new buildings. The Carvers Corner and Butcher Corner allow followers to process tainted resources into food, firewood and crafting materials. It also gives boosts when hunters or woodcutters are working at the stations.

Fade to Silence
All the recourses and space you need for the two new buildings! So, 4 pristine wood and 12 firewood.

Talking about crafting and followers, the requested crafting queue has been added! You can directly ask followers to craft certain items. The followers will then keep working on the queue and will take rest in between, without canceling the queue. This means you can easily go on an expedition without worrying about the crafting.

However, the last change raises the difficulty of the game even more as resources locations are now balanced. Well, balanced, scarcity is now an even bigger problem to solve and managing the resources is a challenge. This doesn’t only apply to the gathering, but you also need to plan ahead carefully. More followers will help you tackle the problem, but they also require more food and firewood.

Defend and protect

While the base building already gave the option to build mortars and ballistae for defending your base most of the time it wasn’t really needed.  The attacks happened every now and then but weren’t exactly challenging.

However, with the release of the Hunger update, this all changed. The nightly raids got heavily improved where hordes of Rippers and Spitters will approach your camp. In the beginning, the number of monsters will be low, but in the late game, more monsters will join the raid. When the monsters break into your base, the crystal is the target to destroy. Yet, the crystal itself now has powers and will send out pulsing waves that will damage all nearby monsters.

Fade to Silence
The attacks that happened before the Hunger update

Are you social enough?

The Guilt update already introduced the social events that appear when you have followers in your camp. All social events will appear in your camp and will give more insight into the personalities of your followers and how they react to each other. When an event happens, you will need to make a decision which has an impact on both the follower and the group morale. When the morale is high, the followers are able to become better at crafting. However, when morale falls low some followers will leave your camp. To prevent this, you can talk to a follower as hints will appear in the dialogues. These hints will let you know which follower they dislike and why.

So, if you dislike any of the characters him/her leaving might not be a real problem. But, keeping a high moral is better for your camp in the end.


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