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Anyone who has ever played the survival-RPG Fade to Silence from Black Forest Games, will probably have heard of the Eclipse. A sort of moon floating in the sky, out of which huge tentacles protrude. But, what is the Eclipse and what does it have to do with the Corruption?

The Death in the Sky

As we struggle to survive in the snow-covered world, The Eclipse floats soothingly in the sky. When we take a closer look at it, we see a city on it and strange tentacles reach out. Again and again, vehicles fall down from The Eclipse and pose a threat to Ash.

So, what is the Eclipse exactly? What does it have to do with the corruption and above all, how do we stop it? Well, we don’t know as the developers at Black Forest Games are holding back the information. But, we can speculate!

Let the speculations begin!

The Eclipse looks like a small planet or moon. Possibly it could be a remnant of an ancient civilization. As skyscrapers are on the head and vehicles fall down regularly. The red glow inside and the tentacles are the same as those at the corrupted nest. This means The Eclipse is most likely the main cause of the corruption, even if it never touches the ground.

The Eclipse floats treating in the sky. But, what the hell is it?

Maybe The Eclipse is a huge control station which commands the monsters in the world. Because whenever The Eclipse floats above Ash’ base, it lights up red and the monster attacks begin. But, who controls them? Is it an alien race that we have angered as humans? As in the world itself, we can spot an old space shuttle from a distance, which we can explore in the upcoming ‘Guild’ update. Maybe a space trip failed horribly and lured a hostile alien race to us.

Or is the moon an alien itself that feeds on thermal energy, what the freezing cold would explain. The corruption could be a virus that has turned all cold-dying people into the disgusting creatures we know. Also, the voice could be directly related to The Eclipse who is trying to drive Ash mad, to turn him in a monster as well.

However, that idea speaks against the six lives Ash has. Why would The Eclipse give Ash six lives if it just wants to destroy the world? If we return to the theory that The Eclipse is controlled by Aliens, there may be an extra-terrestrial who wants to save humanity – or at least what is left of it. And his voice is what Ash keeps hearing.

While we can speculate about theories around the mysterious, floating moon. We won’t know its story till the full release of Fade to Silence! But, what are your theories about the Eclipse? Make sure to write it in the comments.


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