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In June the survival-RPG Fade to Silence will have a new update called Guilt. While the developers haven’t revealed any information yet we spoke with Black Forest Games to get some more details.

Issa, the born Archer

The mysterious Issa will be a new bonus character for Fade of Silence. Just as Ezra: The Alchemist, she will most likely visit your base later in the game when it meets her requirements. With her excellent archery skills, she will probably be perfect for hunting and defending your base.

Fade to Silence ISSA
Issa is a skilled hunter.

Issa has truly mastered the art of survival and her Her prowess with the bow is unmatched. But, despite her appealing appearance, she does not reveal much about herself and remains a mystery to her friends.

The Maw, a true monster

A new monster will also find its way into the game. The Maw is a slow opponent but heavily armored and very strong. His tongue requires special attention as he will use it as a throwing hook to pull you right into his hideous mouth.

Fade to Silence the Maw
“The Maw” – Don’t get caught!

Slow, resilient and powerful He drags his enormous body forward with arms made from rock. You must not let your guard down. You might be able to outrun the body – but not the tongue, that acts like a hunting grapple and will pull you back to your inevitable doom.”

A new region and the first story features

But, now it’s going to be interesting! The new upcoming region will extend the frosty area all the way to the crashed space shuttle. Which you can currently examine from afar. This new region will also unlock new crafting recipes and adds a lot of questions. What will we find there? Why did the shuttle crash? And how dangerous will it be to explore? Yet, we most likely won’t hear anything about it until the release. Black Forest Games, surely keeps making the game exciting.

Besides this, we will see the first story features being added to the game. The appearing social events will force you to take moral decisions. In Addition, the so-called dream sequences will slowly introduce you to the story. Yet, this is all we know about the upcoming story parts as the developers don’t want to reveal more, to prevent spoilers.

We can’t expect to see the release before or during the Electronic Entertainment Expo        (E3). As an announcement by Black Forest Games is still pending.



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