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Every survival game deals more or less with the death of the character. While most use a system in which the character simply re-spawns naked, such as DayZ and Conan Exiles there are also titles that won’t forgive your mistakes that easily. One of these games is Fade to Silence and it’s permadeath system is even connected to the story.

Six lives you shall have

In the Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic survival RPG Fade to Silence, your hero only has six lives to spend. However, in the beginning, it’s not easy to survive and many players will see their lives passing by. But, it’s not without a reason that Fade to Silence is referred to as a hardcore survival title by the community. While casual gamers might find little joy in the title it is well-known by the beholder.

With every lost life, Ash spawns anew in the temple chamber of its own camp. Even though you don’t lose any of your equipment and your inventory is still intact, losing a life is stressful. Want to load the last save point to prevent it? Well, there is nothing to reload as involuntary death is part of the game and it directly saves after it. If all six lives are finally used up, which sometimes is just a matter of a few hours, the only option you have left is to start a new game.

The permadeath system already endured a lot of criticism and in return, the developers have tweaked it a little bit. However, they are not planning on adding more lives to the game. In the future, the addition of an easy and hardcore mode would be a great help for the players that keep struggling.

Is it really the end?

As soon as you have used up all your lives, it’s completely over for the hero Ash and restarting the game is the consequence of your mistakes. Yet, don’t give up hope as not only you have more experience with the game, you can also take improved bonuses to the next game. It’s almost similar to a new game + if you have kept your eyes open in your old gameplay.

Fade to Silence Shard
Find the different shards to improve Ash!

Since the update Hope bright crystals are scattered throughout the game world and finding them will enhance Ash survival abilities. For example, Ash won’t freeze to death as quickly when you have found enough warming shards. Besides these, you can also find shards to increase health, stamina, and resilience to hunger.

Death as part of the story?

It might sound absurd, but only by dying a part of the lore gets revealed. For example, Ash is constantly accompanied by an inner voice who keeps reminding you he is there. If you lose one of the six lives, the inner voice will revive you. This voice will appear in the form of a spirit, who lives inside of you. So, it seems like Ash is the host of a powerful spirit who might even have to power to completely reverse death.

Fade to Silence Demon
The voice also has a form. Maybe death itself?

However, it gets more interesting as soon as Ash actually dies, thus losing all six lives. The Guilt update added a new cutscene, which shows what the inner voice is actually up to. As we don’t want to spoil here we hide the information below, so click on your own responsibility!


The moment your six-lives are gone, an ending cut-scene will appear. In here the inner voice finally claims you and tentacles will come out of the roof. Wrapped up as a mummy Ash will get locked up. It surely isn’t a secret anymore that the inner voice has something to do with the corruption.

Fade to Silence
Now you are mine!

Fade to Silence
Goodbye Ash, its time to get locked up.


What the full role of the inner voice is will most likely get revealed when Fade to Silence is finished and out of early access. Because then, the story will be complete.


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