Fade To Silence


At December 14th THQ Nordic launched their new survival game Fade to Silence into early access on Steam. Playing as Ash you will build a refugee in this post-apocalyptic, frozen wasteland. Their first big update ‘Hope’ is here now which definitely shows a bright future for the game.

A good start

The Fade to Silence community had a lot to say about the current six-lives system, as after these six lives you have to completely start over. Because of this, the update ‘Hope’, does bring hope to the players, as from now one you are able to collect four different types of shards. When collected each three shards of the same type will give you a permanent bonus, which will stay after permadeath. Because of this, each playthrough will become a bit easier but dying is still punished. However, these shards aren’t just waiting around for you to pick up, while some are indeed easy to find others are either guarded or hidden.

Fade To Silence
Keep your eyes open for the easily accessible shards.

At the new Unlocks menu, accessible with TAB, you will now not only see the collected shards but also a teaser for the upcoming reincarnation skill circle. However, as it’s a big update this is not all.

Firstly, the weather system got a big overhaul including visual effects making it look even better when a snowstorm is going on. Secondly, the problem various players had with their saves after playing for several hours has not only been fixed, but the corrupted save files have been repaired as well. So, if you still have a backup of these saves, you might want to dive into them.

Fade To Silence
When you find a shard you will see the shard in color at the permanent bonuses.

And Hope it brings

While all the additions are great, lets take a look at the bug fixes and the current state of the game. When it comes to bases, each building as well as the walls now have barrels with fire and a refuge stash. Because of this, you can easily stay around the buildings or walls without freezing to death. However, when you are in the camp you are now able to use the refuge stash by using TAB ,so you don’t even have to walk to them!

Fade To Silence
The new wolf hut, with the new update all buildings now have barrels with fire as well as a refuge stash.

If you played Fade to Silence, you will know about certain bugs and poor optimizations. Well, this update fixes a lot and directly makes the game more enjoyable. When using the vision you often saw already cleaned nests, this is now fixed and the vision even got an optimization. Secondly, the menu now correctly responds to the mouse clicks, before the update you often had to use the keyboard. Besides, we are finally able to see what our followers are doing, as we get a notification when they switch tasks.

So far ‘Hope’ does bring hope to Fade To Silence as the game is better optimized and most additions are a blessing for the players. However, the game still needs some more polishing and optimization. Yet, this update definitely shows a bright future for the game as there are still three more big updates before the final update called ‘Light‘. We will return to you when the February update: ‘Unity’, goes live.



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