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After the major updates Hope and Unity its time to take a look at the third and most recent update for the survival-RPG Fade to Silence. This update is called Fear and not only adds a new region but also two new companions.

Flying through the Pit

While a new region might be excited, The Pit is located far away from your refugee. Because of this, you will need to be fully prepared before traveling through it. But, that’s not all as the VFX Artists added a new danger to the canyons of The Pit: The Snow Tornado. If you rather not end up flying in the air, its wisely to be incredibly careful while collecting resources at the new gathering locations.

Of course, a new region wouldn’t be complete if there weren’t new corruption nests to clear as well as a new outpost.

Fade to Silence Fear
A look at the new region as well as the dangerous snow tornado.

Meet Gani and Ezra

With the Fear update, two new survivors got added to the game.  Firstly, we are able to help Gani and recruit her into our camp. She is determined to reverse the effects of the Eclipse and isn’t afraid to call out faults regarding your camp or leadership.

The second character is Ezra, who is also called the Alchemist. He managed to survive this long because of his knowledge about all the plants still growing in the icy world. However, you won’t be able to recruit him into your camp as he will come to you the moment your camp meets the requirements. Our camp was clearly not good enough for him.

Fade to Silence Fear
Concept art of Gani and Ezra.

Besides, two new companions the refugee upkeep system changed drastically. Each companion who is located in your camp will now use resources such as food and firewood from the refugee stash. The amount of resources used depends on how many companions and buildings you have. However, when companions are on an expedition run they won’t use any resources while companions on gathering runs do. Because of this, you need to manage your firewood and food storage carefully and maybe even stop recruiting survivors.

Improving the experience

Just as the two major updates before, a lot of bug fixes are included in the Fear update. While most of them are about fixing the collision issues and players going beyond the map, some issues regarding the fighting system got fixed. Firstly the finisher animations and mechanics from monsters got reversed. Secondly, your character is able to sprint again while target locking. As last followers will help to defend against the raid monsters again.

Two important changes already happened in a patch before, but we will touch on them briefly. While being on the map you can now use the mouse to drop a marker, making it easier to do so. In addition, the main post has been lowered one more level and secondary stairs got added to the shelter. Besides this, jumping now cancels an attack and canceling doesn’t require stamina anymore.

With three major updates done, we can look forward to the fourth major update Guilt which is scheduled for June. If you like to try out Fade to Silence for yourself, its accessible as an Early Access title on Steam.


SOURCEFade to Silence via Steam
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