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Our Fade to Silence Guide-series is about the characters that are unlockable as companions alongside the main protagonist Ash and his daughter Alice. The fourth character is Vic The Looter, who is a great help for a plundering spree.

Vic’ story

In Fade to Silence Vic is a plunderer and a good lock-picker. She fights aggressive and is a fierce opponent. However, a sailor can still learn from her curse words as she insults everyone who is near. While she doesn’t talk much about the past, people directly know what she thinks about them. Vic likes to collect items but keeps humans at a distance.

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Where can you find Vic and how to help her?

Just like the other characters, Vic is able to appear in different locations in the world. As you can only locate her once in a gameplay, we will talk about the location we found.

So, we found her on the north-west side of the map. To get here safely make sure to pack enough food and take the wolf sled to be faster and don’t forget to dodge or clean the nearest nests.

Vic is somewhere in the prairie.

We found Vic when she was looting a chest. Yet, when you approach her a Ripper attacks and she will flee. Your job is too run after her and fight off the remaining monsters. When both of you are safe she won’t thank you but instead blame you for all the mess and her ruined bow. To let her join your tribe, you will need to sacrifice your bow by giving it to her.

Vic isn’t exactly the nicest person out there….

The benefits of Vic

Vic has an eye for finding hidden treasures and she sometimes even gets double the loot from them. Besides this, she will use a hairpin to open the locked containers making no sounds in the progress. But, be careful as a new companion will require more food in your stash.

If you want to get some good loot, make sure to take Vic with you!

Vic primary servers as a metal worker, which means she can make better gear for you. Besides that, her bushcrafting skills allow her to be extra useful for expeditions as she will come home with more resources as well thanks to her experience as a hunter.

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