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Our new Fade to Silence Guide-series is about the characters that are unlockable as companions alongside the main protagonist Ash and his daughter Alice. The third character we will look at is Ryme The Sneak, who is a great addition to your hunting trips.

Ryme’ Story

In Fade to Silence, Ryme wanders around in the wild while moving with the quiet grace of a big cat. Because she is a new member of the group, she is eager to make a contribution. Her talent is to go undetected by the use of the shadows. As the moment she slips away in the undergrowth all that’s left is a stifled giggling and a faint whisper. However, she wasn’t available at the beginning as she got added with the Unity update.

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In the end, the fight against the monsters became too much for Ryme. So, this gave her the idea to join your tribe. Yet, she only does it after she has observed you from a distance for some time. As she battled alone for a while her scars all have their own stories.

Where can you find Rhyme and how to help her?

Unlike Jin and Rhys, you don’t have to find Ryme in the wilderness. When the time is right she will approach your camp and will be waiting for an appointment with you. Then she will tell you, that’s she has been following you for a while to make sure you aren’t insane. But, don’t worry she isn’t a stalker.

At a certain moment, Ryme will be waiting for you in your camp.

After a short conversation, you will need to decide if you allow her into your base or send her away. Especially since the new social events that came with the Guilt update, you should choose wisely!

The benefits of Ryme

Monsters will have a hard time tracking Ryme, this doesn’t just transfers onto your character but also the other companions that are with her. As she helps everyone to sneak more quietly. Because of this, your luck with hunting is increased and the risk of being discovered by monsters is lower.

because of her Perks, Ryme is perfect for hunting.

When she is at your base, Ryme’ metalworking skills will allow her to make better weapons and tools. However, her bushcrafting skills make her incredible suitable for expeditions, where she will bring home more resources because of her experience in hunting and woodcutting.

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