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Our new Fade to Silence Guide-series is about the characters that are unlockable as companions alongside the main protagonist Ash and his daughter Alice. We will start with the investigator Rhys, who is really helpful for collecting essences.

Rhys’ Story

In Fade to Silence, Rhys has been continually investigating the corruption to discover how to turn it to his advantage and is determined to find a way to defeat the Eclipse. However, due to exposure to the blight, he has developed some strange side effects. Because of this, Rhys might have prophetic insight into the Eclipse’s power or it simply broke his mind.

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As an investigator, he uses experiments to fully understand the corruption. Yet, his last experiment went a bit too far and he direly needs your help. Will you come in time to help him, or will it already be too late?

Where can you find Rhys and how to help him?

You will find Rhys at the North-East not too far away from your base, where he is held as a prisoner in a dilapidated building. However, you will need to be fully prepared as you will meet Splitters and Rippers on your journey.

Not too far away from your base, you will find Rhys.

The moment you find Rhys you must free him from the corruption. However, before you start cleaning the nest it’s better to defeat all the monsters around the building first. Because otherwise they will sneak up from behind and interrupt the process. But that’s not all, as after the cleaning the hardest part of the task begins.

The exact location of Rhys is marked with a bright beam.

As it turns out, Rhys has been exposed to the corruption for too long and has become more powerful. So, pull out your weapon and quickly defeat him. His attack pattern can easily be countered by rolling away. If you get caught, make sure to escape as fast as possible, as he will attack you two to three times. However, the hard work gets rewarded as Rhys will join your base in gratitude.

The benefits of Rhys

Rhys wants to study everything he can find about the corruption. Because of this, he will skilfully extract the essence of the defeated monsters.

Rhys is especially suitable for hunting and building. However, he is also inclined to the metal and occult work.

Besides that, Rhys is really useful for certain tasks in your base. As first, because of his fast building skills, he is able to help you expand the base. Secondly, as an occultist, he is also able to work in the occult lab and hospice. Thirdly, if you need a metal worker for the advanced weapons and tools, he is the right person to ask. And as last, if you send Rhys on a hunting trip he will bring back more food due to his experience in hunting.

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