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Our new Fade to Silence Guide-series is about the characters that are unlockable as companions alongside the main protagonist Ash and his daughter Alice. Our next character is Jin The Undertaker, Who is extremely useful to have with you on expeditions.

Jins Story

In Fade to Silence Jin is a spiritual human as his meditative mind focusses on the dark side of life. He is reserved and cryptic and his actions speak louder than his words. Jin will judge from a spiritual perspective and is determined to save others from him. He goes to great lengths to enforce what he believes in, no matter the costs.

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Where can you find Jin and how to help him?

As with all companions, Jin is able to appear in different locations. As its impossible to find all the locations in one gameplay, we show you one of the possible locations. So, if he isn’t there make sure to further explore.

We were able to find Jin on the northeast near a burned warehouse. To get there make sure to take enough provision and use the wolf sled to get there as safe as possible.

Jin is far in the east. However, you can see his big fire from a distance.

If you managed to find Jin and his fire, you can start his event by talking to him. Ash is not pleased with the fire and asks Jin to extinguish it as it could attract the monsters. However, Jin tells you that he is liberating the souls of the dead and ask you to help him. And here begins the difficult part of the task, hopefully, you are good with the bow!

Protect Jin at all cost!

While Jin will finish his ritual and extinguish the fire afterward, you need to hold several waves of monster. To survive the waves it’s better to use the bow as they mostly consist of Rippers and Spitters. When the fight is over, the fire will be extinguished and Jin will join your base in gratitude.

The benefits of Jin

Jin is extremely vigilant and warns you and the other companions of hidden monsters. As he is light-footed he easily avoids corrupted areas and its monsters. Because of this, he is ideal to take with you on expeditions.

Fade to Silence Jin Skills
Short on wood? Just give the task to Jin and he will get some.

Just as Rhys, Jin mostly serves as a constructor as he is able to build the camp buildings. Besides that, he is also an occultist which means he can work in the occult lab and the hospice. However, Jin has experience in the bush-crafting and woodcutting skill.  This allows him to bring home more resources while on an expedition, mainly because he is able to collect wood.

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