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Our Fade to Silence Guide-series is about the characters that are unlockable as companions alongside the main protagonist Ash and his daughter Alice. The fifth character is Gani the survivor, who especially draws attention to the mistakes you make.

Gani’ Story

In Fade to Silence, Gani is determined to reverse the effects of the Eclipse on the world. She doesn’t hesitate to accept any task and always performs at her best and the same is expected for all the other survivors. In addition, Gani isn’t afraid to point out the leadership mistakes you make in the camp.

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Where can you find Gani and how to help her?

Just like the other characters, Gani is able to appear in different locations in the world. As you can only locate her once in a gameplay, we will highlight the location where we found her.

So, we were able to find Gani on the west side of the region The Pit. To survive, make sure to take enough provisions and the wolf sled to get there as fast and as healthy as possible.

The Pit is a dangerous place. So, take care of yourself!

You will find Gani standing near an altar. She will tell you that Mother Earth has died and that she needs your help completing a ritual. For the ritual, you need to mix three out of the four ingredients in the right order. Make sure to ignore your inner voice and listen closely to Gani’ instructions. The right order is as follows:

  1. Your blood
  2. The monster essence
  3. The crystal

Once the ritual is completed a blizzard will begin and you need to find a shelter. When the blizzard has passed, you can talk to Gani again. During this conversation, you can decide to let her join your base or to separate paths.

Pay attention to the right order.

The benefits of Gani

Gani herself doesn’t have any special perks. However, she will point out the mistakes you make and what she doesn’t like about the camp. After that, you can set up the next steps you want to take for your base.

Gani is a great hunter and always provides you with her opinion.

In the base itself, Gani is able to construct your buildings and her occult skills allow her to work in the occult lab and the hospice. Besides, if you send her on a hunting trip her hunting skills will bring home more resources.

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