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It’s not a surprise anymore that a new month brings a new big update to the Survival game Fade to Silence by Black Forest Games. While we already gave a sneak-peak on the Guilt update, this time the update is officially out! So, let’s take a look at all the new content.

Test your Leadership

The Guilt update brings the first batch of social events that will occur in your camp. These events will force you to make tough decisions as it includes the relationship between your companions. No matter what decision, it will all have an impact on the morale and you might even lose some companions because of it. However, a new hut upgrade has been added, called the Feast. While the upgrade requires a lot of recourses the morale of your followers will be raised for 24 hours. In addition, the companions are kept warm and fed for free during these hours.

Something else related to Ash is the new cutscene that has been added to the game-over scene. If you rather not die yourself, you can see the pictures of it under the spoiler tag.


The moment your six-lives are gone, an ending cut-scene will appear. In here the inner voice finally claims you and tentacles will come out of the roof. Wrapped up as a mummy Ash will get locked up. It surely isn’t a secret anymore that the inner voice has something to do with the corruption.

Fade to Silence
Now you are mine!

Fade to Silence
Goodbye Ash, its time to get locked up.


Issa and The Feeder

The update also brings two new faces to the game. However, we rather not encounter the second one. The first is a new companion walking around in the world, named Issa – The sniper. As her name might suggest, she loves to hunt and enjoys the thrill of the chase. Because she is a great tracker, the tracks of your companions will eventually lead her to your base.

Secondly, the other face belongs to a new terrifying monster named The Feeder, who is the big brother of the Crusher. While he might be slow he surely is deadly as his tongue will drag you back to him.

The dangerous new monster!

However, the two new faces aren’t everything as a new region called the Glare has opened up as well. The region features an icy ravine which leads up to a broken dam. You can reach it via The Pit and you will find the mysterious Shuttle here.


As usual, some bug fixes and performance issues get solved with a new update. Yet, this time two bigger improvements got added, consisting of the gathering areas and combat.

At first, we take a look at the new gathering areas. With the new update, the game will tell you the moment you have discovered new resources and which required task you need to do to claim it. On the map, these areas will have an orange star under the icon with an exclamation mark. This means you haven’t done the required task yet to fully claim the gathering area. However, the moment you have fully claimed the area, a blue diamond will be located under the resource icon. Before your companions are able to help you with gathering, the area must first be claimed. When a whole area has been depleted of resources the icon will be transparent on the map.

Fade to Silence
Orange stars under resources are unclaimed resource areas. While the blue stars are the ones you have claimed so far.

As the list of combat improvements is pretty long, we took out a few important ones. Firstly, the stamina needed to perform a dodge or roll has been decreased. So, now we can roll four times in a row with a smaller delay before the regeneration starts again. Secondly, players are able to get up faster after being knocked down. In addition, the player control during the get-up animation is given back earlier.

After starting up the game after the update, certain monsters won’t be at their spot anymore, including the annoying Stalker at the lake. The developers moved the monster placements to have a better balance between challenge and rewards. Also, two updates have been made to the Spitters. The first change is the better telegraph and shorter invulnerability period when they are in their suicide mode, which makes them easier to avoid. Players can hit a single attack before the Spitter denotes. This way you can efficiently react with a dodge or counter. Secondly, the Spitters projectiles won’t follow the player anymore and their hitbox and damage have been re-balanced.

The next update will be the Light update, which is also seen as the final release of Fade to Silence. However, the date of the update hasn’t been specified yet. But for now, there is content enough as Guilt offers a few more hours of exploring.


SOURCEFade to Silence via Steam
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