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At Gamescom, we also went to the THQ booth and talked to the developers of Fade to Silence. After a short presentation of the upcoming update, we got information about Ash’s daydreams, which will contribute a lot to the story.

Fade to Silence: Sweet dreams dear Ash

In an interview with Black Forest Games, the developers of the chilly survival RPG Fade to Silence, we learned a lot about the upcoming update, which was also the last planned one, called “light”. Of all things, it turns out that Ash is an active dreamer.

In the upcoming update, more cutscenes will be introduced. Most of them will be in the form of dreams, which Ash experience during his periods of rest. The dreams allow us to learn more about his past, at least as much as we can interpret. As the scenes are rather cryptic and not very clear

In total, over 50 of these dream sequences are planned. Above all, they should drive the mysterious story and also give hints on the connection between Ash, the Eclipse, and the inner voice.

Permadeath system could become “easier”

The Permadeath system with the six lives may not be suitable for every player. The difficulty of keeping all the lives is a big challenge, especially for casual players. But that’s exactly what Fade to Silence should be, a challenging game.

And Black Forest Games basically does not want to change that. However, they are adapting to the possibility of surviving longer. So soon we might be able to find more lives while progressing further in the game or even craft them ourselves. This way, Face to Silence stays a challenge but it will reward the active and resourceful player.

Limited play time

Active players will already have experienced that resources such as wood, ores, and food are finite and will not regrow. As a player, you are forced to move into more dangerous areas as soon as the resources in the area are exhausted. Players who use them sparingly and manage their base well can survive up to 48 hours of game time. Whether you come to the end of the story at this time is up to you.

Fade to Silence Eclipse
Whether you also learn about the Eclipse, you will have to find out for yourself.

A sufficient Early Access

At the end of the interview, we wanted to know if Black Forest Games, despite the extension of THQ’s early access, was happy with the outcome. According to them, they are completely satisfied. The integration of community feedback into the development process has helped a lot to optimize Fade to Silence. Also, it’s nice to hear that they, too, have learned something and would change a few things if they were to release another Early Access title.


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