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As part of the 2020 Game Awards, Saber Interactive announced Evil Dead: The Game – a co-op horror game starring the virtual Bruce Campbell.

What kind of game is Evil Dead? Just like Friday the 13th before, the cult film series Evil Dead should now also be given a (primarily) cooperative horror game. The third-person shooter, simply entitled “Evil Dead: The Game”, is being developed by the studio behind World War Z, Saber Interactive.

While you are shooting tons of zombies in the co-op mode with three other players or sawing up with a chainsaw, as is typical for films, a fifth player can join the additionally planned PvP mode. However, he fights on the side of the undead – in the unholy skin of a demon.

More about the Game Awards 2020:

Evil Dead: Trailer Shows Bruce Campbell in Action

Which characters do you play? As can be seen in the first trailer, in addition to Evil Dead lead actor Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams), the fictional Kelly Maxwell from the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead to be playable.

Otherwise, the gameplay scenes also suggest a mesh-up of all iterations of the material. The initial tracking shot clearly points in the direction of the first movie from 1981, whereas the appearance of the player characters exudes the joke charm of the wacky third part, Army of Darkness.

When does it release? The material shown at the Game Awards is from an early pre-alpha version. Nevertheless, according to Saber Interactive, Evil Dead: The Game should be on the market in early 2021.

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