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Escape from Tarkov, an in-the-works hardcore survival MMO, now comes with an intermediate update: that is set to implement features shown off at this year’s recent Gamescom. This patch will have a brand new weapon and an exciting quest system. Let’s break down these Patchnotes!

The New Additions

This update comes with a few new added features to the game. Firstly, we’ve now got a quest system! These “quests” will be story-based tasks which you can find in the Tasks tab in the trader interface. You will need to finish quests to unlock loyalty levels.

The game will also be getting a gesture and voice update for the characters, as well as some sound fixes to things such as the bush movement noise. When you’re switching or checking the firing mode of a weapon, there will now be a notification; and while walking or crouching through the grass your character will now flatten it! So make sure to check your back, as this makes tracking people a hundred times easier.

Another exciting pea shooter is coming to the game as well. The PP Vityaz, a Russian 9mm machine pistol based on the AK.

EFT: PP Vityaz
A new way to kill your enemies.

Patch Notes

Now lets take a look at some of the changes in the Patchnotes. When falling from a height, the correct fall damage will now appear, so keep that in mind the next time you want to jump off something. Collision bugs that caused unlucky players many hours of sticky situations have now been patched. Hopefully now we’ll no longer get stuck in corners!

Finally to round things off for Escape from Tarkov’s update; when you’re playing with a friend or a group, the characters will now spawn closer to each other, making the trek to your buds that little bit easier. Not to mention, the alertness level got slightly updated as well; how fast an enemy will spot you will now depend on how high your alertness level is. Lastly be prepared for new bot zones on Shoreline!



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