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Escape From Tarkov Update 0.13 has not yet been released. Nevertheless, we already know about some content & also whether there will be a wipe or not.

Update 13 in progress: Developer Battlestate Games originally thought of releasing Escape From Tarkov Update 13 in 2020. However, this is likely to be postponed due to the ongoing global corona pandemic.

In a stream with exclusively Russian content creators, chief developer Nikita Buyanow had already disclosed some information.

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What we Know About The Tarkov Patch 13 & Wipe

There’s will be a wipe! In the stream we talked about at the beginning, Nikita mentioned that with the Tarkov Update 0.13, which is supposed to bring the map Streets Of Tarkov, among other things, a wipe comes along with it.

It has always been a thing that the Tarkov database be completely emptied and all players have to start over. This annoys some experienced players, but it increases the chances of success for newcomers, as they can hardly keep up with the high-level gear.

This content has been confirmed: The new Streets of Tarkov map is likely to be at the top of the players’ wish-list, introducing narrow roads, wide main streets, and above all, several residential and business complexes. A map for all fans of urban firefights.

With Patch 0.13 of Escape From Tarkov you can also travel between maps within one ongoing raid. Not only should factory and streets be connected, but also labs and customs.

There should also be character creation. This will not be very detailed, because you can only adjust your face in patch 0.13 of Tarkov. Also there will be VOIP (Voice Over IP). Simply put, this is a full-fledged in-game voice chat.

More content from Escape From Tarkov Patch 0.13

  • Dynamic armor and vest system
  • The option to sell everything from a scav run instantly without the need to rearrange your inventory
  • Mark 18 caliber planned
  • Lapua .338 caliber planned
  • New weapon: Kriss Vector + Attachments
  • New weapon: UMP 45
  • User interface adjustments
  • The next version of Steam Audio
  • The point at which you are overloaded will be reduced to 28 kg.
  • Other bug fixes: Among other things the
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  1. Something needs to be done about thoe full wipes, just doesnt feel right. You play for 3-4 months and u lose all progress, would aprecciate some sort of permanent rewards for all those hours put int. D3Hell cant always take care of my leveling needs, battlestate games needs to rethink some aspects of the game.

    • That sounds like a dumb idea, forced wipe = progression for those who actually play the game to grind. No wipe = people running around bored.

      • I don’t think it is that simple. A permanent reward like prestige in COD would be nice without giving too much advantage or progress for better players. It would keep things competitve and you could still grind without making it too challenging/pointless for worse players or people who got the game at the end of the wipe.

  2. Just double tap “Z” if you want to drop you’re heavy ass backpack when you get in a fight. People just need to get used to the fact that if you’re going to go big, then you’re not going to be able to loot big items without being penalized for it. I like the weight changes, easier to level up strength if you’re always encumbered.

  3. im probably not going to play cuz you literally cant do anything with 28 kg. makes no sense to change it. its fine the way it is. unless they make things weigh less theres literally no point to play then, you cant loot anything.


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