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After a week of postponement, update 12.8 of Escape From Tarkov has been released. It contains a lot of new content, the patch also brings new mechanics.

Update 12.8 Overview: In the latest update of Escape From Tarkov, players can look forward to some new weapons and mods. Other new items also find their way into the game. You can also improve yourself in new skill trees.

There are also some adjustments and many bug fixes. However, you shouldn’t currently auto-sort your inventory. This results in items that you store within other items can disappear.

tarkov update 12.7 granatwerfer

This New Stuff is available in Tarkov Update 12.8

These are the new weapons: Let’s start with the content that is likely to interest you the most. There are three of the new guns, and they come in different versions:

  • М45А1 ,,Colt 1911″ Pistol
  • TOZ KS-23 Shotgun
  • Kel-Tec RFB Rifle

While Colt 1911 is probably familiar to everyone, let’s take a closer look at the other two weapons.

The KS-23 has recently become the favorite shotgun of every Tarkov player. With just two hits, regardless of the body region, it knocks even the most well-armored players out of the virtual slippers.

The RFB, on the other hand, already seems to be a good M1-A alternative. The Bullpup rifle can only be used in semi-auto fire mode. Right now, however, you shouldn’t buy it from the flea market. The weapon is incredibly expensive and it should take a while before the hype dies and the RFB becomes cheaper.

Other new contents: In addition to the weapons, there is of course more that is included in Update 12.8 of Escape From Tarkov.

Among other things, this is the compass. This has long been expected by players of the tactical shooter. It makes it easier for you and your squad to ridicule opponents. You activate the compass by pressing the “U” key.

Also new:

  • Esmarch tourniquet: rubber bandage, stops heavy bleeding.
  • hemostatic Syringe: syringe that stops heavy bleeding – more on that later. Can be used three times.
  • kvass Dose: New drink that gives 15 energy and 35 hydration.
  • New Clothing: Both Bear and USEC are getting new clothes that are used from Levels 52-55.

New Mechanics & Adjustments in the new Patch

Large wounds: It is now possible to bleed heavily and weakly. If the bleeding is weak, you can treat your character just like you are used to. For heavy bleeding, on the other hand, you have to resort to Hemostatics, a Salewa (or higher), Grizzley or the new Esmarch bandages. Nothing else will stop the bleeding.

The new skill tree: The new Escape From Tarkov patch also includes new soft skills:

  • Crafting: This skill allows you to reduce the duration of crafting in the hideout. However, this does not apply to the Bitcoin farm. The higher the level, the shorter the crafting time.
  • Hideout Management: Your bonuses will be increased. You get more HP an XP after a raid. The wear and tear on the air and water filters is reduced and fuel consumption is also lowered.



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