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A leak about the upcoming Escape From Tarkov Update 0.13 was posted on Reddit a few hours ago. It quickly became apparent that it was about Tarkov’s sound design – or something like that.

What happened? The Escape From Tarkov developer himself posted a tweet this morning that reported a supposed leak in the upcoming update 0.13 from Tarkov. They linked the Reddit post that showcased the new sound design.

Escape From Tarkov Update 0.13: How cool is the sound?

This is shown by the leak: In the leak posted on Reddit about the sound design of Escape From Tarkov’s Update 13, we hear some new weapon sounds. Granted, if you’ve already clicked the link, you’ll know it’s fun.

The user hhunkk allowed himself some fun yesterday. The jokers from Battlestate Games picked it up and shared it again via Twitter.

In the short video you can see Tarkov’s gun range and a player imitating the gun sounds. We can’t imagine “Bratata” and “Peng” for Escape From Tarkov, but the deception is definitely funny.

13.0 Weapon Sound Update Leak from r/EscapefromTarkov

Funny Tarkov Content: If you want to see more videos like this or other funny pictures and posts, then pay a visit to the Tarkov sub-Reddit. Here you can also create, distribute, comment and upvote content.

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